Shipping Policy




Our normal processing time is 24-48 hours, but sometimes it can take longer than that, depending on holidays and higher demand periods.




Our shipping times depends on the country you live. Typical shipping windows are as follows for all regions/countries:


If you ordered after January 18, 2020:


US: 3 - 7 business days


Other countries: 15 - 25 business days


If you ordered before January 18, 2020:


US: 15 - 20 business days

Canada: 15 - 20 business days

Oceania: 20 - 25 business days

Europe: 15 - 25 business days

Other countries: 15 - 30 business days


*P.S. Due to the high volume, our current warehouse processing time is 1-10 business days.

*P.S.S. Pre-order items will process and ship accordingly to its defined and informed terms, which may be different from the information above.


Where can I find my tracking number?

When your items are shipped out, you should receive notification from us via email providing you with a tracking number.

If you haven't received one or if the tracking number doesn't work, it's okay. Contact us and we'll fix it.




In some instances, the delivery may take more time than the standard shipping times stated here. Please contact us if your package is taking TOO LONG to arrive and we will help you to resolve any situation that we have control over.

*All shipping times exclude clearance/customs delays.

*Customers are responsible for any custom fees that may be associated with the order once it arrives at the border.