Empowering people

To do more with their devices.

Our Story

In 2019 we started Sheltercase to disrupt with a few intricate concepts. We realized that there are many stores selling protective cases for smartphones and other devices, however, most of them are common and boring.

You did not buy your iPhone or Airpods to slap a standard case in it and be another brick in the wall.

From Orlando, FL
To The World

We're proudly based in Orlando, FL, home of the most loved mouse in the world and one of the best places to be if you want our (totally unbiased) opinion.

Our Products

Our products are anything but sTAnDaRD. We are different and we like doing things differently.
Our Cases help people from all over the world expressing themselves in a very special way. Be fancy, be playful or cheerful. Be whatever you want to be. Just be yourself, and nobody else.

Our Mission

We believe we can empower people from all races and nationalities through Cases that are different and non-conventional and that highlight their unique personality and lifestyle.