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What's the real worth of keeping your Apple Watch safe?

Remember that feeling you got when you first unboxed your brand new Apple Watch?

What if you could keep it looking that way for years to come? How much would that be worth to you?

Our goal here is to show you that's entirely possible, but not only that, also easily achievable within your budget.

Real data from the real world

According to Apple, the average lifespan of an Apple Watch is around 3 years.

If you are a careful person (which we believe you are, since you're here reading this) your Apple Watch can probably last longer than that.

So the question is: How to guarantee that your Apple Watch will keep looking like brand new during all that time frame?

Why an Apple Watch Case Subscription?

Does that really make sense?

Yes it makes a lot of sense, and we're about to show you why.

We have many recurring purchases from our customers - because they absolutely love our 360 Case (not that we like bragging too much).

That alone is already a great reason for the existence of our Protection Plan: Making our customer's lives easier. But there's more.

The average cost of a standard version of the Apple Watch is around $400+. It's an awesome product and quite an investment. Wouldn't make sense to ensure it will always look its best?

Take a look at our simple cost projection below:

Plan Option (Delivery Frequency) Total Deliveries (3 Years) Total Cost (3 Years)
6 Months 6 $101.94*
9 Months 4 $67.96*
12 Months 3 $50.97*

*Shipping costs not included.

$50.97, that's it. The starting cost for keeping your Apple Watch safe and sound during 3 years (Apple Watch's lifespan, according Apple), with our lowest frequency plan. That's about 10% the cost of your Apple Watch only!

We truly believe there's no better and most cost effective solution out there.

The Case Loved By Thousands of Americans

Thousands of americans trust us with their Apple Watches safety daily, and we're very proud of that.

The Sheltercase 360 is our first and most popular case, and we're confident that it will meet your high standards as well.

Original Sheltercase™ 360° For Apple Watch

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Our all-time best-seller case. A popular choice among our customers, due to its easiness of installation and built-in screen protection.

Don't take our word for it


I love my Sheltercase! It saved my new AW Series 6 from a nasty scratch (most likely it would have cracked the screen) a couple days ago.

Pam W.

I have four cases from Sheltercase. Silver, gold, Rose Gold, and clear. They all have great touch response, and give me many different looks for one watch.

Dona C.

Customer Service completely exceeded my expectations. I posted a comment about an issue I had and they found my order, reached out to directly and privately, apologized and offered a solution. Impressive!

Tricia Y.

Have this and absolutely love it! Worth every penny! Hasn’t scratched, cracked and looks fabulous!

Paula H.

"Case looks great and I’m quite clumsy and hit my watch a lot on walls by accident and this case works well and looks cute.

Also this companies customer service is top notch! I accidentally ordered the wrong size and they responded super fast and were very easy to work with!"

Chelsi G.


We have basically two main benefits.

Convenience: You don't need to keep reordering from us. You will always have a brand new case for your device at the right time on your doorstep.

Savings: We offer a 32% discount for customers on our Protection Plan, which means huge savings over the long run.

If you are like a big portion of our customers that order multiple times, this is an easy decision.

Absolutely! There's no obligation, you can cancel it wheneaver you want and no future charge will be made. You have full control.

You will receive one or more Sheltercase 360 cases at your doorstep at a very discounted pricing. Delivery frequency and quantities of cases depend on your choices when purchasing for the first time.

For now, we offer 3 delivery options: Every 6, 9 and 12 months. After observing the purchasing behavior of our customers we've found that those are the optimal times that the majority of them re-order from us.

In the first purchase, you will be billed when you finish checking out, like you would with a regular one-time purchase.

For the subsequent orders, you will get billed right after we ship your goods, according to the chosen schedule / delivery frequency.

Actually no.

Our 360 case is durable and made of a similar material of most iPhone cases. It will certainly last longer than that for most people.

But here's the thing. Do you keep using the same case on your iPhone for 2 or 3 years?

Well, probably not. You certainly could, but due to the daily intense usage, those accessories suffer a lot and start to show signs of time after some months or a year, depending on the usage you make of it.

The same logic applies to your Apple Watch case.

Click the button at the end of this page, or Click here. Then choose your delivery frequency and follow the checkout steps.

And welcome to the club!

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