Sheltercase 360 - Why an Apple Watch Case?

So you got a brand new Apple Watch. But something is missing...

More than 80% of Apple Watch users affirm to feel insecure about keeping their device in good condition, especially those who wear it every single day (and most of us do it).

Why do you wear your Apple Watch?

That's an important question, and you will understand why, in a minute.

People wear an Apple Watch for multiple different reasons.

To track their activities, improve their lifestyle or maybe simply for the convenience of having on their wrists many of the functionalities they already love on their iPhones. We got that.

But in reality, there's only one big reason why we wear our Apple Watches every day...

To make our lives better and more convenient.

Simple as that. Which leads us to the next important question...

Why should we be worried about hitting it on a wall, scratching its screen or causing damage to it, when in reality we should be enjoying our device to its full extent, worry-free?

That's the opposite of convenience, and that's not the reason why you got yourself this amazing (and very expensive) watch.

We've been there, we know how it feels. And we have the solution.

Why not let us take care of your Apple Watch, so you can stop worrying about your device and get back to what's really important? Remember? The fun things you actually bought your Apple Watch for.